Monday, October 17, 2005

Arrested Over $1.16

An Ohio woman has been arrested for not paying a $1.16 tax bill. She claims, "One sheriff approached my car with his hand on his gun," she said. "Another from the other side of the car leaned in and said, 'Are you Deborah Combs?' He said, 'We have a warrant for your arrest.' I was absolutely shocked."

Some things are ridiculous, but this case is just ludicrous. It's not the fact that this woman is being arrested for breaking the law; it's about the fact that this is only the tip of a far bigger iceberg in which there are millions of cases in which people can come up a bit short on their tax filings and be faced with jail time as a result. The mess we call the "tax system" is becoming a domestic threat that needs to be banished. It is consuming more and more money in its wasteful pursuit of "criminals" like Deborah Combs. Frankly, it's just not fair.

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