Monday, October 17, 2005

Yet Another Bush/Hitler Comparison

There has been yet another comparison of Bush to Adolf Hitler recently, with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe jumping on the 'Bash Bush Bandwagon.' Included in the comparison was British Prime Minister Tony Blair, according to a Reuters article today.

You know, this is just too funny. Number one, the comments came at a UN ceremony. Number two, they came from a leader whose own country is accused by Amnesty International of continuing "its campaign of repression aimed at eliminating political opposition and silencing dissent."

In a time where evil reigns the world over, we should be less concerned with trivial injustices like the detention of terror suspects and more concerned with injustices being committed by aimless, careless, heartless terrorists in the Middle East. We never hear an outcry about these groups because they are essentially homeless nomads. They have no affiliation but with their own twisted ideologies, and this drives them to commit acts so heinous they make Jeffrey Dahmer look like a simple sex offender.

Evil is bad, there's no doubt about it. But there are degrees of evil that are far more despicable than those committed by the majority of people. There are very few people who can call themselves "devoid of all evil," but there are many who are in fact devoid of all good. Pure evil is personified by the forces trying to prevent democracy from being born in a region that knows nothing of freedom.

It is most recognizable, however, in the person of Adolf Hitler. There are few others who compare (Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.) to the evil of that man. The common thread between those men of pure evil is that they, for whatever reason, destroyed millions of innocent lives. They purposefully killed, and they never once had a second thought about it. Stalin always claimed to be undertaking "the greatest social experiment in history." Hitler claimed to be creating "a master race."

Mostly, these men just envisioned their prey as "infirm" or "unfit" for the world they sought to create. In what way do President Bush and Prime Minister Blair fit this mold? Where is the evidence that points to their belief in a society free of "human weeds"? The truth is that these men seek the opposite; they seek a society that embraces all people, regardless of race or creed or ethnicity.

The former Iraqi dictator sought to follow Hitler's footsteps by gassing the Kurds in northern Iraq because he just didn't like them. He oppressed various religious sects around the country and nearly decimated the Kuwaiti population, only to be stopped by the "terrible Americans." Does anyone realize that the Kuwaiti people still have billboards portraying a child hugging an American soldier that read in Arabic and English, "Thank you, America"?

We liberated 25 million Iraqis who want nothing more than to be free. Some may harbor resentment toward the United States for still being there, but many understand that we are merely ensuring their safety until their fellow Iraqis are fully trained to defend their homeland. Nobody says a word about Afghanistan anymore, perhaps because there is no "insurgency" trying to get rid of us there. Well, in due time, Iraq will follow in the shadow of Afghanistan and hopefully both will have successful democracies for decades to come.

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This was actually perfect timing, Jeremy ol' boy.

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