Saturday, February 18, 2006

The New Face of Intimidation

Try not to laugh, but in all seriousness, this is the new face of China's virtual police force tasked with patrolling the internet in Shenzhen, a Southern metropolis.

It may seem like a bad joke at the commies' expense, but there is no one laughing in the Far East. Here is the justification given by the director of the 'Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau's Internet Surveillance Centre',
“All around the world there are internet police, but they always operate backstage... No other internet police have stepped to the front of the stage,” she says. “We really feel that this is a historic breakthrough.”
Oh that's rich ... 'it's not bad, we're just doing what everyone else does, but we're revolutionary in that it's all out in the open.' So if an American blogger said "down with America" or "impeach Bush", they would be censored? I thought not. There would be NO far-left bloggers if that were truly the case.

The Chinese are indeed making leaps and bounds towards freedom, but only in certain districts and provinces. There are places in the country experiencing double-digit GDP growth while the mainland and boomtown cities are stuck at 2% due to heavy government influence in the marketplace. Sooner or later the people will be able to gather enough capital to force the government to adopt policies that bring the country closer to economic freedom.

Freedom cannot be suppressed, we witnessed this during the Cold War and we saw it in the faces of the students at Tiananmen Square seventeen years ago. We will see freedom in China one day, but it's up to the people to determine when and how ...

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Kurt said...

Looks quite japanese to me. And yes, i'm laughing anyway *lol*
On the other hand it's just too common for tyrants to "innovate" cute banners, slogans, &c.