Saturday, February 11, 2006

Live From CPAC, Part 4

This is just a short lead-in for my later post on Indiana Rep. Mike Pence's speech this morning. The first event of the day, Rep. Pence gave a stirring 20+ minute talk on the need for conservatives to take back the House from runaway Republicans. I was able to join a group of bloggers at a follow-up session after his speech and gained further insight into the mind of a conservative genious. The coverage of this morning's session will be available in the next few hours.

Pence Buzz:
  • The authors of the new book Getting America Right believe Pence's words were "like finding a wellspring in the center of the desert."
  • Troy Donte, a CPAC attendee, has a short summary of the speech at GST Online.
  • The Hertiage Policy Blog has a choice quote from the speech.
  • Human Events Online has summaries of the speech and the blogger session.
  • The American Spectator Blog thinks it is a "cryin' shame" that CPAC scheduled Rep. Pence for 8:30AM on Saturday morning.
  • Carroll Andrew Morse from Anchor Rising covers Pence's views on United Nations reform.
Stay tuned for further updates ...

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conservative genious.