Saturday, February 11, 2006

Live From CPAC, Part 3

With each update comes an increased sense of satisfaction, and with each new day I am more and more glad that I decided to make the trip to D.C. for CPAC. After the morning speeches by Texas Governor Rick Perry and Kentucky Senior Senator Mitch McConnell, I made my way to the Young America's Foundation luncheon featuring pollster Kellyanne Conway, co-author of the new book What Women Really Want.

As I had about four hours of sleep coming into the lunch, I nodded off a few times after the delicious grilled salmon and vegetables. From what I did catch, however, Mrs. Conway seemed to stress above all the need for observers to seek the original polling data before quoting statistics from a news source. She said that the mainstream media outlets tend to cherry pick only two or three poll questions from a list of several dozens to a hundred. When you look at the full data on the poll site or the media outlet's site, it becomes easier to identify the biases apparent in the polling and poll reporting processes.

Following the luncheon, I roamed the conference grounds for some book deals and literature. I had a nice conversation with the people about Georgia Rep. John Linder's H.R. 25, the FairTax Act. See my archives for a dissertation (that got me a 100% as a political science paper) on the proposal, or check out Neal Boortz and Rep. Linder's recent book, The FairTax Book.

After a few talks with presenters from conservative organizations, I ran over to get a seat in the ballroom for the Ann Coulter speech. Even though I arrived over an hour prior to her scheduled appearance, I was greeted by a nearly full room with empty seats in short supply. After finding a spot in the second row during a mini-debate on drug policy (ugh, what could be more useless than that debate?), I was moved back due to the front rows being reserved for "Diamond" members (the people who pay $400 to see all the VIP banquets and such). After an hour long talk on abortion (much of the same I have heard in the past, but nonetheless very useful and informative), Ann's cadre arrived and the room was abuzz with discussion. I looked around the room to find every seat occupied and an equal number of people standing versus sitting.

Let me tell you, for those of you unfortunate enough to not have heard Ms. Coulter speak in person, everything we have heard about her being an empty-headed talking head is totally false. She has a commanding presence at the podium and demands respect from the right while inciting seething hatred from the left. For instance, she made a reference to popular liberal women like Senator Clinton and former presidential nominee (and LOSER) John Kerry. The woman has the wit of a comedian with the mind of a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. If you ever have the chance, I strongly urge you to make it to one of her college lectures.

With that, I leave you. I will return later following several panels and a speech by NRA President Wayne LaPierre, who has a new book scheduled for a spring release. I have much to say about this morning's speech by Indiana Rep. Mike Pence and the subsequent discussion with a group of bloggers and writers. Stay tuned ...

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