Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tookie Update

*** /// UPDATE: Fox News correspondent says Williams mouthed "I am going to get each and every one of you" to the jury after the verdict was read.

Stanley "Tookie" Williams was executed at 12:35 PT. More updates to come when media contacts arrive at the press conference inside San Quentin.

Steve Lopez from the Los Angeles Times described his account as follows: "Came in without resistance ... helped onto gurnee ... lifted head during preperations to look at witnesses ... declared dead at 12:35 PT."

Kevin Fagan of the San Francisco Chronicle stated that Tookie's supporters yelled out "the State of California has just executed an innocent man" as they walked out of the witness chambers.

Following execution and the press conference, the anti-death and pro-Tookie crowd in front of San Quentin continued to chant obnoxiously and obstruct the Fox News cameras and disrupt the reporter as he gave his account of the situation.

Fox News reporter Jim Hammer claimed that the crowd set fire to an American flag with a Nazi symbol painted on it in protest of the execution.
/// ***

On the Fox News live coverage at San Quentin, protestors in front of the prison are repeatedly butting in as Fox News Legal Analyst Jim Hammer is being interviewed on camera. Their message: "Fox Lies". A man is being put to death hundreds of yards away from them, they are supposed to be fighting for him, yet their message remains as ridiculously misguided as ever. This situation is comparable to a bunch of terrorists in Iraq deciding to congregate behind Ollie North to say "Fox Lies". It's no surprise to know the loony left can't even stick to their convictions in the most important hour.


Jenna said...

Jer, WTF? "Anti-death"?

Jeremy said...

short for anti-death penalty