Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie Termination Inevitable

*** /// UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has "rolling updates" and Bruce Armstrong is blogging during execution hour /// ***

After taking his time, ensuring Tookie's case would not be mishandled, Gov. Schwarzenegger has rejected Stanley "Tookie" Williams' bid for clemency. With five hours to go, the only thing that can save Tookie is a last second appeal. With twenty-four years gone by, five hours is hardly enough time to prove anything, and thus I await the execution that has become inevitable with Arnold's rejection.

If, in fact, Tookie's cadre of lawyers somehow manages to prolong his execution in the next five hours, it would once again prove that California's death row system takes far too long. In nearly a quarter of a century, is there any shred of evidence not examined at least twice or any witness not questioned dozens of times? Every avenue has been taken, and justice has been rightly served.

The next five hours represent 0.000024% of Tookie's time on death row. If his lawyers couldn't prove his case in over 210,000 hours, what makes the next five any different? Perhaps Rev. Jesse Jackson's pleas, or those of the NAACP (far from the shining knight fighting for civil rights that it used to be) will make the difference. Nope. He did it, and now he dies. It's as simple as that. Five hours and counting ...

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