Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Slavery Measure Adopted By Milwaukee Common Council

The Milwaukee Common Council voted 12-3 today in favor of the slavery measure which "requires companies that win contracts with the city to publicly disclose any past ties to or profits from slavery", according to the Journal Sentinel. Well I'm glad that we're still so concerned with a practice that has been nonexistant in this country for over 140 years.

What will this measure accomplish? If the company wins a contract and discloses their ties to or profits from slavery, what happens? Would there be any difference over the company not disclosing said information? If so, is it likely to hurt business even though the current executives and shareholders had no part in the past offenses? All these questions bring up a single point; is it really necessary to punish a company and its shareholders for its ties to slavery a century and a half ago, and to what end?

Until these questions are answered, I maintain my position that this is simply a ploy by Ald. Mcgee and his parrot in the Journal Sentinel, columnist Eugene Kane, to punish successful companies in yet another way. Why don't they simply come out and acknowledge their hatred of capitalism and embrace their Marxist beliefs publicly - it would clear up a lot and help people understand their wacky positions.

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