Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ridiculous Amendment Tacked on Concealed Carry Bill in State Assembly

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Wisconsin State Assembly is afraid they can't convince two-thirds of the body to vote for SB 403 as it was passed by the Senate, 23-10. The two-thirds number is important because if, like it is even in doubt, Governor Doyle vetoes the bill, then both houses will need to override the veto with a two-thirds majority. As you can see, the Senate has this ensured, but the Assembly isn't so sure they have the votes they need.

One of the stipulations in the amendment offered by the Assembly is as follows:
  • Lower the allowable blood-alcohol concentration for those carrying a concealed weapon to 0.02, from 0.08.
This is absolutely outrageous. You can legally operate a motor vehicle, but you can't carry a weapon?! Multiple concerns I have with this requirement include:
  1. Here's a scenario: you have a concealed weapon, but you go out drinking. You're forced to leave the weapon at home. A thief waits outside the bar knowing anyone looking a little drunk will be unarmed, or at least expecting them to be. You are robbed and beaten, even though if you were sober, you would have never been robbed.
  2. Another scenario: you are driving after a drink. Your BAC is 0.05, so you are alright to drive. You are pulled over, but what is your major offense? Carrying a concealed weapon with a BAC over 0.02 ...
Hell, you can't even gargle with mouthwash before you go out anywhere because you could blow a 0.02. This proposal simply makes it easier to charge permit holders of a crime. It is an attempt to make it seem that there are more crimes committed by permit holders thus making it easier to repeal concealed carry.

The fact remains that 46 states have passed some form of concealed carry legislation and all of them have seen drastic declines in violent crime rates. Criminals acknowledge they prefer to assault unarmed victims. Well gee, I think there's a pretty funny correlation here. Opponents of concealed carry include Democrats and criminals. You might want to rethink your position there folks ...

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