Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Holy Crap!" Alert

In a press release today, the Sierra Club expressed their approval of the Senate's decision to strip earmarks from the 'Bridges to Nowhere' project in Alaska.

"Most Americans are risking their lives driving on crumbling roads and bridges that don't get fixed because there simply isn't enough money. That explains why there was such a visceral public reaction to the idea of wasting national tax dollars on two bridges to nowhere in Alaska."

"Removing the budget earmarks for these projects is absolutely the right thing to do, but it doesn't actually mean the money will go where it is needed most, namely to fixing our nation's existing roads and bridges. We are particularly disappointed that the money was not redirected to rebuilding transportation infrastructure along the Gulf Coast."

The touch of sarcasm in the first paragraph actually made me chuckle, but I was extremely proud of the final statement regarding what they believe the money should be used for. For this I have no choice but to give the Sierra Club a big thumbs-up. While I may not agree with there stances on just about everything, their reaction to today's Senate decision is one thing I'm glad to be in agreement with.

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