Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Capitol Playground

It seems that the halls of the United States Senate have transformed from the home of one of the most powerful houses of legislature in the world to a playground. The two sides, Democrats and Republicans, are bickering like a bunch of schoolchildren and the unfortunate souls stuck in the middle trying to break up the fight are the American people. Frankly, the only people suffering from the Senate's messed-up list of priorities are those they're supposed to represent.

After a 58-40 vote blocked the minority party's attempt to initiate a strict timetable for US withdrawl from Iraq, what does the party in power do? According to the Washington Post:
"Republicans countered with their own non-binding alternative. It urged that 2006 'should be a period of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty,' with Iraqi forces taking the lead in providing security, a step Republicans said would create the conditions for the phased redeployment of United States forces."
The GOP-sponsored measure passed 79-19 but to what avail? They wasted God knows how long developing the proposal and putting it to a vote through all necessary channels and the only thing it accomplishes is to tell Bush to hurry up.

Excuse me one damn second, though. That phrase that 2006 "should be a period of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty" seems awfully familiar. OH, that's right. That's been the plan since we invaded Iraq in March of 2003. The specific year wasn't set, but Phase IV of the war effort as designed by the military "powers-that-be" always included a transition from US control to mixed US/Iraqi control to full Iraqi control.

What do those fools in the Senate think we're trying to do over there? At the moment every possible resource is being used to either clear the territories or to train Iraqi police and troops. The original plan is being executed to the 't' and yet they still wish to step up to the Senate floor and try to shout criticism all the way over to the deserts where our brave soldiers are protecting Iraqi and American freedoms.

Do you want to know why we are going to keep fighting and finish the job in Iraq? Here's why: the last two times we abandoned the beck and call of our allies in need were Vietnam and the Gulf War. Following our evacuation of Saigon, the Communists took over and made the South a living hell. We had a chance to prevent a decade and a half of tyranny and oppression back in 1991 but after expelling Saddam's army from Kuwait, we simply turned tail and ran back home like the Democrats want us to do now. The Iraqi people desperately wanted us to finish the job, but we left them and the resistance fighters to be executed at the hands of a menace.

Now is our chance to right those wrongs. We will complete our mission to the very end, not to a point that satisfies the politicians. Nothing will be greater than the satisfaction that comes upon seeing a country enjoy freedom ten or fifteen years down the road. Look at Afghanistan, where they have built their first new five-star hotel in downtown Kabul. The only standing five-star left was severely damaged by rockets and mortars in the years of the Taliban and the fighting that ended their rule.

The infrastructure of Afghanistan is still nothing to be proud of, but it's certainly making its way back to respectability. Do you know why we don't hear this news of how great Afghanistan is doing since we went over? It's because no Americans are dying, or at least very few are compared to Iraq. They've even settled into the sense of complacency that we enjoy here in America where voting isn't even that big of a deal.

Victory in Iraq has already come. What remains is a few more months, possibly even years, of training that will allow the Iraqis to take over at full strength to repel any threat that may arise after we leave. Until the day comes where every American troop is out of Iraq, the best thing we can do here at home is to let them know that we are proud of their committment and bravery. Many have re-enlisted because they know why they're fighting, and they're glad to be a part of something good. So to the Democrats and RINOs in the Senate, I say, "SHUT UP and let them do their jobs."

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