Sunday, October 16, 2005

Surprise: High Iraqi Turnout

Leave it to the "MSM" to be surprised by everything that conservatives have come to expect. Yet again, the news media jumps on news that Iraqi voter turnout is high in the vote for the new charter.

In the Washington Post yesterday, there was an article headlined "Sunni Turnout Is High In Vote on Iraqi Charter". Even more amazing is the subtext (!): "Attacks by Insurgents Largely Halt During Referendum".

What were they expecting? I give them the benefit of the doubt on this one because every message from the White House and the "MSM" pointed to an intensified level of attack by the insurgency on the day of the referendum. However, when are they all going to realize 1) that the ongoing fight being waged by the combination Coalition and Iraqi forces is having a positive effect on the intensity of fighting, and 2) that the Iraqi people will continue to come out in force to ensure their freedom after three decades of tyranny and oppression.

There's no better way to wrap up than with this quote from the Post article: "Turnout reached 93 percent in the heavily Sunni western city of Fallujah after clerics and others went door-to-door telling residents it was safe to venture out of their homes, election officials said." The Sunni population was expected to be the most hostile to the new government, yet they are the group leading the charge to create a free Iraq. Someday, hopefully soon, people will begin to realize that what we are doing in Iraq is not occupying an innocent nation but rather protecting a fragile democracy from Islamic fascists who want nothing more than to continue the oppression of Saddam's regime.

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Jenna said...

93% is awesome, especially for the Sunni areas. By the way, love the "blogger fingers" pic! :)