Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: What did Bush do wrong?!

Well it's great to be back at school after a long and eventful summer in our nation's capital. While I was able to vent my frustration amongst many fellow conservatives over the past few months, events of the recent week have forced me to once again take my post on the blogs.

No doubt that unless you are in fact a cave dweller and/or have no access to the world outside your residence, then you surely know what is happening on the Gulf Coast. Mother Nature has taken a vicious swipe at our very well-being once again and left a pretty nasty gash in America's chin as it were. However, the wound is seeping not blood but sewage-filled water that has turned the streets of downtown New Orleans into a waste zone of sorts. Before I get political, let it be known that my prayers are with the brave rescue workers and the courageous victims still clinging to life down on the bayou.

Without further adieu, my concerns are as follow:
  1. This hurricane obviously was one of those events you try to prepare for but never expect to actually occur. It is true that warnings were issued in 2001 that New Orleans was an area succeptible to a cataclysmic disaster, so measures were taken to construct a levee that would offer protection for this vulnerable region. However, as was the case with the new dike system in the Netherlands a few decades ago, construction normally takes at least ten years for something of this magnitude. So how can we blame President Bush for anything pertaining to the lack of preparedness? He has been the nation's leader for less than five years! Perhaps we should be asking why Clinton never sought to fortify the Gulf Coast...

  2. The sentiment most trumpeted in the network news is that aid has FINALLY arrived for the beleaguered flood victims. Take a step back, a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and explain to me how this is Bush's fault... Now allow me to explain who the blame should really be placed on and why. THE GOVERNOR OF LOUISIANA! Before the hurricane even reached the Gulf Coast, Govs. Barbour (MS) and Riley (AL) issued emergency declarations for their respective states. Many argue that there was precedent for Bush to federalize the matter and take the reins from LA Governor Kathleen Blanco, but they're completely missing the point. It was never necessary for the federal government to take control of the evacuation and rescue missions. Had Gov. Blanco done her job and called in the LA National Guard to be prepared in advance, the situation would be much better in New Orleans. Now everything is log-jammed because the National Guard was thrown into a war-zone and never had time for concise planning.

  3. Finally, the most absurd claims possible have arisen from civil rights leaders on the left. Somehow, they've managed to pin the "slow" arrival of aid on the "racist Bush administration." Let's take a quick rewind and show why this claim is ridiculous. One, this whole mess is a result of Gov. Blanco dropping the ball on declaring an emergnecy, etc. Two, in what way is saving nearly one thousand people PER DAY not good enough?! If it weren't for the heroic rescue efforts of the National Guard in New Orleans, far more flood victims would be dying in their homes. Three, had an emergency been declared early and evacuation measures been in place, most of these people would most likely have been safe ALREADY. Nowhere in this scenario is there any reason for placing blame on the federal government, much less evidence of racism.
What is even more sickening is that in the flurry of blames and criticisms of the Bush administration, has there been one plausible proposal from a liberal on how they would have handled the efforts? Now you have the "mainstream media" outlets calling for Bush to "raise taxes and halt talks of repealing the Death Tax." Well last time I checked, the Death Tax actually COSTS the government money so I'm pretty sure we don't want to impose greater losses right now.

Again, my prayers are with those still trapped in New Orleans, and anyone who has suffered as a result of this terrible week.


Anonymous said...

I pity you being in Madison, that hive of scum can't be to fun to deal with.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've seen it already, but I'm going to be greatly enjoying all the repubs that now must eat their water-logged words.

Jeremy said...

Well, I would eat my water-logged words, except for one problem. Bush is being a leader and taking responsibility for the errors of his subordinates. That is what every good leader does. If you are the CEO of a company, and a Senior VP is charged with stealing from the company, you would take responsibility for not being aware of the problem in the first place. The US government is the world's largest business, and Bush is the CEO. If there's a problem in the organization, and he isn't aware of it, it's his job to take responsibility and make sure the problems are dealt with. That is exactly what he has done, and I applaud him for it. Anything else to say (I'll just make up a name for you) idiot?