Sunday, May 22, 2005

Iraq, or as liberals call it, Vietnam

It never ceases to amaze me the extent to which liberals will attempt to play out their pipe dreams to the point where their wacky beliefs begin to rub off on parts of the public that don't know any better. Through outlets including the "mainstream" media and the "Ivory Tower" of academia, liberals twist and shape their views into words that sound like something respectable enough for normal people to sympathize with. However, what the public doesn't know most definitely can hurt them.

Today's liberal pipe dream of choice is the War on Terror and specifically, the current war in Iraq. Anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon an ABC or CBS News "report" of the status of the Iraqi conflict will most likely hear the terms "quagmire" and "Vietnam." As all people with a basic background in US History know, the Vietnam War began shortly after JFK and ended shortly before Jimmy Carter. In case you don't know when THAT was, the time period of the war was about 30-40 years ago. In those years, liberal activists all over America took up arms against this unjust conflict in which they felt we had no business. "How dare we stick our noses into what doesn't concern us?" they would say. Well, I'll leave the history lessons for another day. As for the present, the spotlight liberals of the media continuously refer to our present engagement in the Middle East as "another Vietnam" and "another instance where our imperialistic tendencies are trouncing the rights of a foreign people." I'm sorry, I must not have gotten that memo...

Every day in Iraq, the American military gets one step closer to ensuring that a free and democratic Iraq will soon be a reality. As late as March of 2003, only 26 months ago, a tyrannical dictator held the Iraqi people in a death grip of corruption and greed. The government of Saddam Hussein had spent thirty years oppressing the Iraqi people and was postioning his sons, Uday and Qussay, to take over as was the case with the North Koreans. In that case, nothing was done to stop Kim Il Sung and the poverty stricken nation was forced to watch his son, Kim Jong Il, pick up where his father left off. Today, the North Koreans and their undying attempts to obtain a nuclear arsenal pose a grave threat to freedom in the Far East, just as the Iranians pose a similar threat in the Middle East.

However, after the events of 9/11, President George W Bush began to realize the mistakes made by the appeasers of President Clinton's administration. President Bush finally understood that in order to end a tyrant's rule and save a nation, the tyrant and all who follow him must be flushed out and dealt with, not bargained with. By physically confronting Saddam, Bush flushed out not only the corrupt Baathist loyalists all over Iraq, he proved that the main goal of Islamic extremists is to prevent freedom's expansion into dark territories such as Iraq. In the waning months of the campaign in Iraq, when the final divisions of Saddam's elite Republican Guard fell, we witnessed the influx of an astounding number of Islamic terrorists from neighboring countries, namely Syria. In order to prove the importance of this point, let's take into account the normal liberal analysis. They constantly tell us that the forces we are fighting now are people who are upset with America for occupying a nation and are just trying to end our imperialistic pursuits. Sorry, but when the majority of our enemy is coming from countries led by dictators, I'm pretty sure that's just a bunch of extremists that hate democracy and freedom.

Think of it this way; we set out to fight Saddam Hussein and his armies. The people hated him because he treated them like garbage. We defeated them, but lo and behold before the borders were secured, we noticed that large groups of terrorists were crossing and setting up shop in Iraqi cities. Once we could see a democratically controlled government close ahead, the attacks by these groups became more brazen and more cowardly. They started targeting civilians by simply bombing up shops and marketplaces. No longer are they targeting US forces, but rather they are trying to destabalize the future system by picking off Iraqi forces and newly elected government officials. I may not be analyzing this correctly, but if we are the occupying force and are to blame for so much of what is going on, why are the terrorists not attacking us?

Yes, our brave men and women are still dying on the dust-covered battlefields of Iraq, but only in battles that will further help to clear out the more rural areas where terrorists have been setting up bases to build suicide bombing kits. For example, Operation Matador, which just came to a close after about eight days, resulted in the killing of nearly 150 terrorists and the capture of almost 40 more while clearing out nearly all of Western Iraq up to the Syrian border. Enemy forces not killed or captured were chased back over the border and hopefully now it can be shut down for good.

Nevertheless, with so much support from the Iraqi people, and so many good reports coming from our fighting men and women, the media still contends that this war is a remake of Vietnam and that we will come out on the losing side. It is time that liberals stop degrading our efforts to spread freedom and democracy. When will they ever step into the light and understand that what they see as another imperialistic conquest is nothing more than the final phase in the process towards a free and democratic Iraq?


Jack said...

Are you seriously this misled, as to beleive that shit that your just wrote. We didn't go over there to take out saddam you dumbshit. Do you remember the term WMD, Oh yeah thats why we went over there. To get all those WMD, but there weren't any, which the American Gov. knew but just lied to the american people and because there are enough dumb mother fuckers like you out there, everyone decided that the lies, told to the people didn't matter, we are being protected from the terrorists, do you remember that 9/11 was blaimed on the Afghanies, so the terrorists that you are talking about. They are not terrorists. If a foreign government came over here and started to kill us, and we, you and I, decided to fight back. We would be called terrorists. Its their country they want to run it their own way. Who are we to tell them differently. Fuck you and all of your dumbshit little christian fuckers that are too stupid to want peace.

Jeremy said...

I'm pleased to see the compassionate liberal spirit is still alive and well...of course I have no idea where it is...

jack said...

probably gettin high, working a job, trying to live a life that interferes with what other people want to do as little as possible.

Anonymous said...

god, you are ugly. both in face and mind.

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