Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Climate Change or Climate Cycle?

It is truly amazing how global warming alarmists and doomsayers are so invested in their philosophy. It is as if the rest of their lives go on hold while they galavant across the frozen regions of the Earth searching for "examples of climate change." It would seem they've hit the mother lode in this case.

A remote chain of Norwegian islands in the Arctic seems to be experiencing a slight heat wave. UN scientists claim the region is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world and receding glaciers in the area are leaving previously "undiscovered" islands in their midst. They argue that this represents a "portent of changes further south."

I argue, conversely, that this is exactly what happened after the Ice Age when the glaciers that used to cover the Midwest states receded all the way to the North Pole. There were no evil SUVs and CO2 emissions to worry about back then. The only thing that possibly could have caused this intense warming (which followed, go figure, an intense cooling) has to do with celestial interference. By this I mean what many scientists have been referring to recently; the sun has always been prone to periods of relative dormancy and relative activity. They noticed this when, in researching Martian weather patterns recently they discovered similar warming patterns as Earth's.

An article published by the Heartland Institute says:

The planet Mars is undergoing significant global warming, new data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) show, lending support to many climatologists' claims that the Earth's modest warming during the past century is due primarily to a recent upsurge in solar energy.

Interesting. Solar energy causing changes in the climates of two planets many millions of miles away? It may seem ridiculous, but the correlations are much more convincing than anything being trumped up in the Algore camp. It also has the luxury of lending support to the theory that we aren't to blame and that we don't have to use one square of one-ply toilet paper to combat our destructiveness.

According to a recent post on Sen. Inhofe's (R-OK) Environment & Public Works blog, there is a growing list of former global warming alarmists moving into the skeptics' camp. With so much dissension, shouldn't there be more of a rational debate than simply having news anchors claim "the debate is over" as Brian Williams said not too long ago ...

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mccommas said...

Amen bro.

I am in a class called “Environmental Issues” class and he is really into this crap but even he admits that the Ice Age only officially ended in the 1800’s some time. I have not been able to substantiate this however yet.

You mention the sun and I think that’s fascinating because I had been thinking the same thing. What about the heat source? Maybe that’s the reason we have been heating up if we are heating up that is. We still don’t even know that. We need about a thousand more years of data to really be sure

Our sun is entering the red giant stage. It’s old. She is going through “the change”. Who knows what to expect.

Like Ann Coulter says Democrats have found the perfect issue. We can’t prove them wrong for 10,000 years.