Saturday, February 25, 2006

Olympic Failure

You know, coming into these Winter Olympics, one would assume skier Bode Miller was headed for five medals in five races. He had the media's support at every turn, and he had cockiness to boot. Too bad the media darling rarely comes out on top.

Even after fellow American Ted Ligety took gold in the Men's Combined event, the papers gravitated not to Ligety's victory but to Miller's failure. Now, at the last of Miller's five races, he has been DQ'd for missing a gate. That means three disqualifications along with fifth and sixth place finishes.

I think it's safe to assume that with overconfidence comes a sense of assuredness that leads to a lapse in work ethic and ends up in either failure or a performace far below expectations. There's nothing wrong with believing that you will win, but to believe you cannot lose is not what we need in champions. A good champion is always humble in their victories, just look at Tiger Woods. I will pay anyone who sees him flaunt his many victories ...

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