Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Michael S. Joyce, RIP

National Review Online's John J. Miller has a look back at one of the great philanthropists of the 20th century, Michael S. Joyce. He wasn't the man with the money; he was the one who knew where to spend it best. Miller says of Joyce:
Michael S. Joyce, who died on Friday at the age of 63, was one of the conservative movement’s great philanthropic spenders. As executive director of the John M. Olin Foundation (1979-1985) and the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation (1985-2001), he was responsible for tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars of spending on conservative ideas and causes. His name will long be linked to the rise of school choice, welfare reform, and faith-based initiatives.
His work for school choice is already yielding dividends here in Wisconsin. The number of Milwaukee students able to use public money to attend private schools was raised by 7,500 earlier this month.

We can only pray that a man with his philanthropic genious will arise to take his place in the near future.
May he rest in peace, but may his mission live on ...

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