Monday, February 13, 2006

Just a Quick Note

After a long day of getting everything in order from my trip to DC, I'm going to just write a little response to the heinous reporting of the Cheney incident.

Just this past weekend, Vice President Cheney was involved in an unfortunate accident while hunting quail in Texas. Turning to shoot one, he caught his hunting companion, an Austin lawyer, with some buckshot. Apparently, this accident is one of those happenings that warrants immediate media alerts so that they can overanalyze every detail and say how they believe the lawyer had done something to offend the Veep, and that Cheney was "out to get him" and then would proceed to go cannabalize his children (or whatever it is that Cheney is accused of eating these days).

Apart from this whopper of a news flash, former Vice President Al Gore visited the Middle East on his "America Bashing Tour 2006". Stopping by that beacon of religious, racial, and gender tolerance Saudi Arabia, "Algore" (as El Rushbo so affectionately calls him) decided to take the opportunity to criticize his homeland yet again by accusing the United States of committing "terrible atrocities" after 9/11. Has any news agency apart from Fox News said anything remotely close to a condemnation.

It is just too funny to listen to pundits and analysts from the left trying to say with a straight face that the "liberal media" is simply an invention of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Too bad for them that whenever they say this, their friends at CNN or MSNBC come out and make our case for us with startling ease.

Tomorrow I will be comparing the government to a business and arguing for why it should be run more like one. Stay tuned ...

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