Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cartoon Response Shows Muslims as Crybabies

I have nothing against Muslims. They are religious and have good moral sense in much the same respect that Christians do. True, there are some fanatical Islamofascists, but then look at Pastor Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas. This man and his disgraceful church are unrepresentative of the entire Christian faith in the same manner that the Imams of the Middle East preching destruction and murder of everything and anything Western are unrepresentative of the Muslim faith.

Nevertheless, when I saw and heard the response of many thousands of Muslims worldwide to the Danish cartoon editorial featuring the Prophet Muhammed, I had to stop and think. Are these people representative of their faith as a whole? I truly hope not, because if they are then it means the Muslim faith is full of whining little crybabies. It is not as if Muslims are a tiny faith like the Wiccans; there are over a billion Muslims worldwide, making it the second most widely practiced religion behind Christianity (there are even more Muslims than there are Roman Catholics).

Also, both Christians and Muslims have been around for over a millenia, so it isn't as if Muslims just arrived and are being picked on like the new kid in school. This leads me to my point -- God is continuously and unapologetically ridiculed in cartoons (print and broadcast media) as is Jesus Christ. For example, the show Family Guy often makes jest of God as does Seth McFarlane's newest show, American Dad. Furthermore, a piece of artwork by Chris Ofili that was displayed in New York portrayed the Virgin Mary covered in dung.

Don't let the public outcry against the latter instance fool you, this case is entirely justified. If, perhaps, someone in America or elsewhere had taken a highly popular figurehead (apart from Muhammed) from the Muslim faith and desecrated its image in public and received praise for their work, I would totally support the Muslims in their cries against this unholy act of intolerance. However, the difference between the two religions is that Christians rarely display worldwide contempt for any isolated event of hatred equal to that of the Danish cartoon. Has anyone ever heard of a group of Christian fundmanetalists threatening to kill Muslims or Hindus (or atheists for that matter) simply because they made a religious faux pas?

The conservative magazine, Human Events, has a great article by scholar Robert Spencer (author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam) concerning worldwide cases of rage toward the Danish incident. Also, there is a crusade to support Denmark's fight for free speech. I say they need all the help they can get; not to support the cartoons, but to support their right to print them.

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