Wednesday, February 15, 2006

All This Cheney Buzz is Giving Me a Headache

As Rush said on Monday, "I'd rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than drive in a car with Ted Kennedy." All this hype over the story of the Vice President's hunting accident (and I intentionally stress "accident") is simply outrageous. Several points have been brought up concerning the events throughout the past few days and they are all miles from sane judgment.

For instance, a caller to the Sean Hannity show today said his college professor opened class by discussing the incident, and said that the shot they claim the VP was using wouldn't be able to penetrate into his heart, therefore he must have been up close and trying to hit him. This analysis sounds like something out of a crack addict because of its obvious inaccuracies. First, the victim acknowledges that it was an accident, something he wouldn't have said if he saw the VP come up and shoot him. Second, there's the whole issue of Secret Service witnesses. Third, the doctors specifically noted that the bird shot migrated to his heart; it wasn't there from the start (excuse the rhyme).

Some more examples include the left-wing blogosphere's claims that 1) Cheney was drunk, so that's why he waited 18 hours to notify the local sheriff, and 2) Cheney wanted to send "Scooter" Libby a message that he would be taken out if he ratted. The Daily Kos jumped on news that Cheney "had a beer" at lunch, even though that one drink came five hours before the incident. Kos tries to nitpick at his words and twist them into saying that he didn't drink even though he says they didn't drink. He admittedly had ONE beer at lunch and didn't go out hunting for three hours. Then they claim that he must be taking a load of drugs for his heart condition that can't go well with alcohol. Okay so does that mean he's either not taking his drugs or that he didn't drunk? You decide, but either way the socialist scum over at DK blew yet another one. So did the rest of the left wing ...

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