Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy 300th Ben Franklin

First things first -- Happy Birthday to one of this nation's foremost forefathers, Benjamin Franklin. Today is his tercentenary, and many fitting tributes are being organized on the Beltway and in his hometown of Philadelphia. A year-long celebration is taking place in Philly and a luncheon at the Cato Institute featuring Dr. Mark Skousen will be held on Thursday, among other events.

Rich Karlgaard commemorates Franklin at Digital Rules, as does Dr. Mark Skousen at Investment U.

In other news, the Labor Department is set to release its year-ending CPI and Real Earnings publications at 8:30AM EST tomorrow. Since I have been busy with vacation and moving back into school, as well as starting the new semester, I will combine my overdue analysis of the year-ending Employment Situation with tomorrow's releases. Expect good news (like there was any doubt) ...

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