Sunday, December 11, 2005

GASP! Wal-Mart HELPS Working Families

Wal-Mart sent out a press release in the beginning of November with some startling information: the corporation helps working families and has a positive impact on the economy. Global Insight conducted an independent study that "found Wal-Mart saved each American household on average $2,329 in 2004." I suppose you would get a different story if you watched The High Cost of Low Prices but hey, that's what you get with an insane liberal bias. The movie's trailer made three glaring errors in a three minute span, according to Any company that's named by Black Enterprise magazine to be on the “30 Best Companies for Diversity” certainly must be a racist, sexist organization trying to keep the poor and minority working classes down. (**heavy sarcasm**)


Anonymous said...

Your neglected to mention that the study by Global Insight was funded by Wal-Mart and presented at a Wal-Mart sponsored conference as noted in Business Week. Which puts G.I.'s findings at about the level of propoganda--exactly what you're claiming about "The High Cost of Low Prices".

But hey, we all know that conservative data is beyond reproach, and liberal data is the product of "insane bias," don't we?

Tim said...

Whether the data is skewed towards Wal Mart or not, there can be no doubt that Wal Mart saves low-income Americans large amounts of money each year while also helping to keep inflation down. The company may not be perfect but the criticism it is receiving is ridiculous.