Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Unions Represent WHOM?!

One of the big points pro-union people trumpet is that they "represent the workers who can't fight for themselves." Sure on some occasions they may actually do this, but very rarely. Just take a look at the top-ten list of top all-time donors to political groups, campaigns, etc.

According to Open Secrets, eight of the top ten donors all-time are unions accounting for nearly $200 million ($199,565,790) in donations over the last nine election cycles (including 2006). Furthermore, the scales aren't merely tipped, they are deeply entrenched on the left with over 95% of total donations going to the Democrats.

This isn't just money coming out of the union bosses' pockets, it's money taken from every union worker nationwide in the form of union dues. These coerced funds (very rarely , if ever optional) may not account to much for each worker, but considering the main purpose of unions, it is a pretty blatant misuse of funds.

It seems the unions that claim to fight for workers' rights are instead fighting for Democratic politicians' rights. As a supporter of the Right to Work movement, I believe strongly in a worker's right to NOT give the unions their money. If a woman can be allowed to kill her baby, wouldn't it seem logical to allow a worker to be allowed to stay out of the union?! It seems simple to me...

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