Monday, November 07, 2005

Stewie Griffin is a Republican

I've been given the task of proving that Stewie Griffin, the lovable baby from Family Guy, is indeed a Republican. For those of you not familiar with the show, Stewie talks and has been plotting to take over the world since conception. However, the family dog (who also talks) is the only member of the family that can understand what he's saying.

Now this isn't to be taken seriously since the show is a cartoon and its creator, Seth Macfarlane, is a self-proclaimed liberal. Therefore his portrayal of Stewie as a Republican would be in the mold of how every liberal thinks of Republicans.

Starting from the top, Stewie is fascinated with guns, war, death, and destruction. All of this is typical of how liberals portray a Republican's stance on defense and the military. Also, Stewie is tirelessly trying to kill his mother, Lois. This may be a stretch, but it would seem that Lois would represent the government and Stewie is trying to achieve freedom from it. The most recent example of Stewie's Republican stance on defense is his appearance in Osama bin Laden's cave where he knocks out all the terrorists along with bin Laden himself. For some reason he doesn't kill them, but let's not overanalyze it or anything.

On multiple occasions, Stewie requests a Wall Street Journal which is the favorite national publication of conservative intellectuals. Stewie also seems to appreciate living a luxurious lifestyle when the family inherits their aunt's estate. He also claims to throw "sexy parties" where he is dressed like a rich bachelor. This all fits the liberal belief that all Republicans are rich and simply out to oppress the little people, which Stewie most definitely wishes to do.

I may have missed some subtleties, of which there are many. Nevertheless, it's pretty clear that Stewie represents the token Republican in the show. But hey, it's all comedy, so laugh it up!

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