Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Marquette Warrior Met With Same Old Liberal Intolerance

Launched in April, with a semester kickoff issue on November 2nd, the Marquette Warrior is just getting its proverbial feet wet before diving into the media pool at Marquette University. That pool is currently occupied by a single, overtly biased publication called the Marquette Tribune. It has been the one-stop news source for all students on the university's campus for quite some time, and has faced little to no opposition from competing publications.

Well that's all about to change, although it may take a little time. Competing with the Tribune on Marquette's campus is tantamount to the Mendota Beacon's challenge of The Badger Herald and the Daily Cardinal here at UW-Madison. The Herald is considered by many to be the best student publication in the country, and the Cardinal has been around for over a century. To come out of the woodwork with a small-scale start-up like the Beacon and Tribune and take on the establishment is quite the tall task. But anyone who remembers Barry Goldwater's campaign in 1964 knows that conservatives are ALWAYS up for a fight.

However, don't let that fool you, because while many on the staff of the Warrior would tell you that they're conservative in ideology, their coverage of the news is anything but biased. "I do honestly believe that we’re biased only towards the truth," Diana Sroka, The Warrior’s editor in chief, said according to the Badger Herald. In a time when the MSM has transformed into a one-stop propaganda shop for liberals by converting multiple local newspapers into one (i.e. the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel now are simply the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel), one would assume that the creation of an alternative news source is just what deep blue campuses need to balance the scales.

It's hardly a fight between liberals and conservatives as much as it's a fight between the whitewashed truth and the honest-to-goodness truth. In an atmosphere with a single publication, there's no incentive to maintain honesty and integrity. It's a free ticket to cloak the news under the veil of ideological reporting as opposed to objectivity. With nothing to compare to, a news story about the election can be given subtle undertones to send out the liberal message without looking suspect. However, the op-ed pages are a completely different story because frankly, anything goes.

Nevertheless, the Warrior is out there and has established at least a base level of credibility with support from talk-show host Charlie Sykes and MU professor Dr. John McAdams. Alas, the MSM will not let the Warrior's emergence in the marketplace of ideas go without first painting them as the 'evil right-wing reactionaries' that the left thinks they are. Thanks to the fine summarization by Daniel Suhr at, I can simply add to the list from recent events.

After the release of the Journal-Sentinel's error-ridden mockery they call reporting on the publication of the Warrior, they issued a correction based on information brought to their attention by members of the staff and the bloggers on GOP3. Here, in its entirety, is said correction:
CORRECTION: This article also misstated the timing of the publication's launch. The first issue last April was before, not after, the Marquette Tribune editorialized against re-establishing Warriors as the name of the university's basketball team. Incorrect information was supplied by a representative of the Warrior.
So due to shoddy reporting and fact-checking, and after being informed of their mistakes, they are forced to fess up. However, they don't acknowledge their mistakes, they simply blame the Warrior for giving them the wrong information. If in fact a representative of the Warrior supplied the incorrect information regarding the original launch date, shouldn't they have been cited in the article? There is no mention of this representative anywhere in the story. Smooth...

In a further showcase of liberal intolerance, the Warrior's business manager, Brandon Henak, had his house vandalized last Friday by "critics of the Warrior." In an interview with the Journal-Sentinel, Henak said, "I can't believe it. We're just trying to give a voice to everyone, and then my house gets egged. People are violently opposed to free speech." Brandon, you hit the nail right on the head.

See the problem is simply that liberals can't handle the fact that they've lost control of the public's mindset. They are fervently trying to brainwash America into believing that Bush is a racist and out to get minorities, and that the war in Iraq is simply an attempt to profit from the Iraqi's suffering. It started in 1994 when Speaker Newt Gingrich and Majority Leader Dick Armey's "Contract With America" gave the Republicans control of the House. Since then, the party has gained control of the Senate and the presidency, and according to the MSM they control the Supreme Court. I wonder what Justices O'Connor and Kennedy think of this label, seeing as they tend to vote against the three conservatives on the court, including the late Chief Justice Rehnquist and now his replacement, John Roberts.

The left in this country cannot accept that they are losing touch with the hearts and minds of Americans. They see institutions of higher education as their only safe-haven in this country and they don't take kindly to interference from the "right-wing". Any attempt to balance the ideological scales in academia is seen as a threat to them and they will stop at nothing to snuff the fire before it gets out of their control, like everything else has.

The Warrior at Marquette and the Beacon at Madison are two more cases that prove the liberals are losing their vise-grip on the Ivory Tower. In the next decade, the success of these publications along with hundreds more nationwide will tip the scales back toward the middle, to the realm of honesty and integrity and most importantly, diversity and equality in the marketplace of ideas.

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