Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Rooted in Terrorism?

That's right, as crazy as it sounds, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez gave a warning to parents to protect their children from the U.S. custom which is really a "'gringo' custom, [and is really] terrorism."

One may ask, "what basis did he have for these crazy accusations?" Oh, none, he simply hates America and all our customs. Interestingly enough, the AFP article that contained the Chavez warning includes this lovely piece of information:
His comments came after authorities in Caracas recently seized pumpkins, cardboard skeleton costumes and other traditional Halloween items inscribed with anti-Chavez messages.
I suppose that these were just rebels seizing the goods, the benevolent Chavez would NEVER order an action against his people. All sarcasm aside, where does this hypocrite get off accusing us of terrorism when his own people don't have basic rights such as free speech!? His claim to be "protecting children" from our terrorist customs is just a poor cover for his true hatred of anything that resembles freedom. But hey, why don't we take his word for it? I mean anyone who's friends with Castro must be a good guy...

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