Saturday, October 22, 2005

Taking A Stand on Miers

The Truth Laid Bear is asking all bloggers to take a stand on the Harriet Miers nomination:

I will implement some code this weekend to search for the phrases above, and generate a running list of bloggers for, against, and neutral on the nomination. This will be much more interesting than a standard online poll, as it will ensure "one-blog-one-vote", and avoid the usual ballot-stuffing silliness of online surveys.

(And yes, for me to scan your blog properly you will need to be registered in the Ecosystem, which is painless, free, and can be done right here.)

My stance:

I oppose the Miers nomination.


Stupid Beautiful said...

But WHY do you oppose her nomination? And even more importantly -- did you approve of John Roberts? I personally can't say I oppose or support her nomination ... she certainly does seem to be a bit more moderate, unlike Roberts. If you ask me, the court should be filled with moderates. Though I suppose that wouldn't suit the partisans, now would it.

Ahamed Iqbal said...

Keep in mind with anyone appointed to the Supreme Court, the job changes them.
The importance and the gravity of their decisions often makes people less extreme then when they were selected (except for Scalia).

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

What exactly are we supposed to do? I oppose her because she is unqualified and that is my basic objection. The cronyism goes without saying it happens with any administration but until they put out some information that shows me her mind is of the caliber of Roberts, who I personally opposed but who is extremely bright, she won’t be worthy of being appointed to the Supreme Court.