Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Spoiled Brat Politics

In Thomas Sowell's latest column, he explains the differences between equal opportunity and equal results which people are claiming prove bias in many different areas of everyday life.

From vacation homes near national parks (gasp!) to the lack of access to special golf carts for wheelchair golfers at hotels, Sowell explains how the claim of bias is only a mask for the real problem, people who are unwilling to deal with their shortcomings and stop blaming everyone else for not providing them with more opportunities. It is not the hotel's fault that the plaintiffs suing it lost full mobility due to accidents caused by other people (or themselves). So why is it their responsibility to cater to these less fortunate souls. If they so want to have the ability to golf, then they should have no problem forking out a few dollars to buy themselves a special cart. Alas, in today's "victimology" society, it's much easier to blame others and require them to pick up the tab.

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