Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Religion of Peace" Strikes Again

"Israel must be wiped off the map," Iran's fundamentalist president Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad said in the most recent of a series of anti-Zionist remarks by Arab leaders. It almost makes you wonder how the supposed "religion of peace" got that moniker in the first place.

It also makes you wonder what will be the reaction from the anti-war crowd and the thousands of peaceniks who gather to protest every move the United States makes towards ensuring a free Iraq. I mean wouldn't it be safe to assume that they would condemn such a hateful remark towards a relatively peaceful nation?

Oh but those damn Jews are just occupying Arab holy land anyways, so the Palestinians should be allowed to take whatever actions necessary to get their own state. Just watch the reactions next time a single Palestinian gets killed by an Israeli, even if it's self-defense as the victim turns out to be a potential suicide bomber. Seriously, liberals would argue that the bomber is just trying to get his home back.

(By the way, if you couldn't pick up the sarcasm in the first statement of the previous paragraph, leave my blog now.)

And just in case those in the Islamist crowd weren't paying attention, the Iranian leader continued with this gem: "Anybody who recognises Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation’s fury." Now that's a very peaceful solution to any problem!

So after being subjected to one of the most horrific cases of genocide in recorded history, the Israelis are hated by just about every nation in the world. They're surrounded by anti-Zionists and their only true ally is the United States. Yet the overwhelming sentiment among much of the liberal crowd is that Israel is a murderous nation with such a seething hatred of Islam and Palestinians that they continuously bomb the West Bank yada yada yada.

How is it that so many liberals are against the United States when we try to remove genocidal dictators like Saddam Hussein, but then when we support peaceful democracies they accuse us of aiding "terrorists"? This Orwellian view of international politics goes back to the Reagan years, when his fight against the rise of Communist satellites in Latin America drew criticism from the left. The words of ex-KGB agent Thomas Schuman outline the process Communists used to install puppet dictatorships in stragetic locations with the goal of ultimately being close enough to nuke the United States.

Nevertheless, liberals refuse to believe that evil men truly are evil and worthy of a forceful takedown, while hating their own government for taking out these men and saving a nation from the evil that they feared for three decades.

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