Friday, October 21, 2005

Latest Poll has Walker up 13

As many of you know, or will soon know, I don't care too much for polls. But hey, why would I, there are so many polls that say one thing, but there are so many more that say the exact opposite. With tricky wording and biased samples, it's hard to imagine a day when polls were actually accurate!

Nevertheless, the latest poll (9-26-05) by Tommy Thompson's former pollster at the Tarrance Group shows Scott Walker leading Congressman Mark Green, his GOP primary opponent, by 13 points at 46-33. In April, these numbers were 39-25 which shows just about an even gain after factoring in the undecided voters who've made up their minds.

Apart from these numbers is a far greater result: Jim Doyle is the 4th most vulnerable incumbent governor in the nation! That's right, our own waste of government space is right on top of the least-liked state leaders in America. This is great news for both Republican candidates because no matter who wins the primary, they're each looking forward to a race against a man who only 37% of people want to re-elect. This means that a whopping 63% of Wisconsinites want to see ANYONE but Doyle in office.

Good luck to both candidates, the hardest work still lies ahead, but the majority of it will take care of itself in the form of Doyle's awful record as a one-term failure as our governor.


Jenna said...

Jeremy, that poll is suspect. It was released weeks after it was compiled, on the same day that other polls showed Green leading Walker. While every poll shows Doyle greatly vulnerable, this one I wouldn't put too much faith in.

Daniel - said...

Hey Jeremy.
Actually, new INDEPEDENT poll out today by Strategic Vision showing Green leading Walker 42-37...
Check it out at:

Anonymous said...

Not so fast, my friend. A lot of those 63% are Democrats. If Green wins the primary some might vote for him or for the Green party candidate. If Walker wins the primary every last one of them will suck it up and vote for Doyle.

Anonymous said...

Strategic Vision is a Republican pollster, not Independent. Their numbers are likely skewed in favor of Green and Walker. A recent (I) poll from a Wisconsin source had Doyle leading both by double digits.