Friday, October 14, 2005

It's All Clear Now...

I was wondering for a while there why the Badger Herald would give its Editorial Board chair position to a known conservative, and I'm referring to Darryn Beckstrom. A law student here at UW-Madison, she wrote a regular column for the Mendota Beacon in its inaugural semester this spring, and has since moved into her new role seamlessly.

However, in the most recent issue of the Herald, UW alum and socialist activist Chris Dols writes a "featured column" (odd since it's a STUDENT newspaper) in the supposedly "independent" paper pointing out flaws in one of Darryn's arguments.

Now I thought that it went something like this; a newspaper hires a writer in an "editorial" position to give their opinions. If anyone has an issue or a complaint that isn't or shouldn't be on the staff, they can leave comments. However, I don't recall ever seeing a respectable publication include rebuttals of their own columnists by a writer who shouldn't even have a place in the paper.

This is just puzzling, but I don't know, I'm just a humble columnist for a REAL newspaper. Viva la Beacon!

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Steve S said...

Meh, that's the least of what they've done. Nothing will top what they did in the first couple weeks of school - after Beckstrom published her first article, the ombudsman (what the hell is that, anyway?) put out an article basically attacking her. They seem to have appointed her just so they could pile on her, and still call themselves balanced editorially.