Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fraud in Iraqi Referendum?

It now seems highly unlikely that there was any fraud committed during voting on the Iraqi constitutional referendum, officials say.

Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Any liberal hearing "fraud" whispered in relation to the referendum has already posted and re-posted the news on their blogs. It's been spread around now accompanied by rumors that the U.S. is "teaching" them how to fix elections. This is just outrageous.

Everyone is complaining that the United States has overstayed its welcome in Iraq. If we simply follow this reasoning, then we can assume that they want us to leave as soon as possible. Well, the vote on the referendum is a big step in that direction, but now this monumental occasion is being poisoned by accusations of illegitimacy. So what would that suggest, that we must stay behind and fix it before their arises an illegitimate regime in Iraq? Or should we still just cut and run, leaving our new allies in the hands of ... well ... nobody?

The truth is there is no government in Iraq capable of sustaining freedom and democracy in the event that our army deserts them. If we leave while there is no assured governing body and a sufficient police force capable of defending the country, the insurgency will do as it has claimed numerous times; it will overrun the weak infrastructure and sink the country back into the Dark Ages from which it just clawed its way out of.

I'm sick and tired of hearing the pacifists whine about how oppressive we are being and that it is time for us to leave. All that will do is cause them to forget about Iraq and move their protesting toward domestic issues. This is no time to listen to the factions of peace, it remains the time to stay the course and ensure a free and democratic Iraq. Soon we will have accomplished this mission, and they will be able to defend themselves from the insurgency.

Just an FYI, the insurgency will NOT just disappear once we leave, it will keep fighting until it destroys freedom or is completely extinguished by the forces of democracy.

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