Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Belling Predicts: Tax Freeze Will Be Winning Issue

Mark Belling has come out with quite a bold statement. He claims that taxes are the big issue in Wisconsin, and that the tax freeze will be the winning issue that catapults Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker over Congressman Mark Green and into the Governor's seat next year.

Recent polls show, as do recent elections, that Wisconsinites are fed up with fake tax freezes and the kind of doubletalk that ran Dwyer's campaign for Waukesha County executive into the ground. The only thing that consistently gets people elected in this state recently is a steadfast stance on freezing property taxes, Belling claims. Dan Vrakas beat Jim Dwyer by more than a two-to-one margin, last year State Senator Glenn Grothman unseated the Senate Majority Leader Mary Panzer by a four-to-one margin, and in 2003, Mark Honadel became the first Republican to win his seat in over 70 years.

There's a trend in all of these elections: all victorious campaigns had freezing taxes as their dominant issue. This has been the case for several years running in heavily Democratic Milwaukee County, where Scott Walker has won re-election as County Executive three times now. Each time he was able to show voters the results of his tax freeze: a lower property tax bill. Each time, the voters responded by electing a Republican with 55-58% of the vote in a county where President Bush could only manage 37% in 2004.

Mark Belling has proclaimed it before, and now he's even louder: Scott Walker will win BIG in the GOP primary next September, and he will then beat Governor Doyle, and each time the winning issue will be freezing taxes. Wisconsin voters are making their voices heard throughout the state by getting rid of moderates who claim to support tax freezes but fail to come through. Well, 2006 will be the time for them to get out to their precincts and cast their vote for the true "tax freezing extraordinaire".

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